Lazy Hands Make For Poverty But Diligent Hands Bring Wealth

The tag line I’ve used for many years is “Everything Starts Now”. Ironically we must start to begin any process, journey or whatever the goal. It’s a bit redundant but we have to start to have any chance of success. There are however many challenges that hold us back and we often find ourselves immobilized. Then laziness sets in and before you know it we’ve given up. Then again another exciting ideas comes and the first little challenge that arises we stop the process again. This cycle continues again and again. We think of laziness as not trying or not even starting but I submit to you that laziness can also manifest itself in stopping the process when the going gets tough. Quitting is a form of laziness.

Don’t be lazy go make it happen!

When we develop the mindset to see thing through to the end the reward is bountiful. Quitting is a mindset and finishing is also a mindset. And I promise you which ever habit of thinking one has developed is what will come out in the wash.

So be diligent and see the process through to the end you will be happy you completed the journey!

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