It Ain’t Easy

You have to grind to shine. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. Yet we live in a time where the prevailing thought is entitlement. “What’s the least one can do to receive the most in return”? I’ve witnessed this attitude in people’s personal lives as well as business seekers. It’s an attitude I can’t tolerate and this attitude seldom yields any fruitful harvest.

I read a book when I was in middle school by John Wooden “They Call Me Coach”. There is a quote in the book that supports this subject, “if you spend your time learning the tricks of the trade you will never learn the trade”. Many people look for the shortcuts but are not willing to use the same effort to do the hard work necessary to accomplish their goal(s).

Our culture has become impatient not only are we a me generation but we are also a right now generation. Impatience breeds anger and we live in a world full of impatient anger people who want it and want it now!


So a paradigm shift is in order let us hit the reset button put our noses to the proverbial grinding stone and get back to work.

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