Todd Gragg

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

The main aspiration for my personal development is to achieve to the extent that I am qualified and demonstrate the capability of being an integral part of my circle of influence. Upon reaching this goal the next phase will be that of working tirelessly and relentlessly to be efficient and productive. It would then be my goal to become a role model for others to exert and apply themselves in a manner that would afford the same opportunities for their advancement and personal development. 

When I began my entrepreneurial journey I learned so much regarding sales, marketing (both online and offline), how to build a business and most importantly how to help other business people grow their respective businesses. My journey has not been easy but what I have learned in the school of hard knocks has been paramount and second to nothing that I could have experienced any other way.

I welcome the opportunity to continue my personal development using the best resources available. It is my belief that if you learn from the best you become one of the best.