todd-1 I am Todd Gragg, connoisseur of life. Many things interest me: God, people, travel, arts, learning, photography, the outdoors, entrepreneurship, business, sports and progress. All these interest including ones not mentioned are triggers that inspire my passion to continue being creative and progressive.


For many years there was a conscious attempt on my part to keep my interest separate but as I’ve evolved I realize that you can be a business thinker who loves free enterprise and entrepreneurship and also nurture creativity and the arts. This may not be an issue for some but for me there has been a season in my life where I’ve been conflicted.


Conflicted with the norms and mores of society, expectations and a prescribed life cycle that we are all crowned with. Now, I don’t want to make this sound like the patient lying on the sofa of the psychiatrist but I am trying to make a point that there are distractions in life that are not important. Acknowledging this will enable us to not waste time and move toward what makes us happy. Agreed?!